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13.4KWH energy storage power station for plant protection

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    Product Introduction

    Introducing the 2024 Plant Protection Special Model 13.4KWH Energy Storage Power Station, a cutting-edge addition to the energy storage sector. This innovative power station has been specifically designed for the plant protection industry, offering high-end intelligent energy storage capabilities.
    At the heart of this power station is a high-energy hybrid solid-liquid battery pack, boasting a rated capacity of 280Ah. This advanced technology ensures high safety, exceptional energy storage, long lifespan, and a wide temperature range, making it ideal for demanding plant protection applications.
    Equipped with an intuitive LCD screen and utilizing stable 485 communication, the power station features 2 AC220V/50Hz output sockets, 2 type-c (65W) interfaces, and 1 USB (36W) interface, delivering a maximum power output of 2KW. Additionally, it includes 2 AS150U DC output plugs, catering to plant protection battery charging with a maximum current of 150A.
    The power station supports versatile charging options, including AC220V/50Hz input charging at 3KW, as well as new energy vehicle AC charging pile charging at 6KW. What's more, it offers a remote software upgrade function, enabling seamless firmware updates via 4G connectivity.
    Safety is paramount, and the power station is equipped with a built-in battery cloud manager safety monitoring system, seamlessly integrated with the SPower cloud platform. This system provides 24/7 monitoring of battery usage, transportation, and storage status, promptly alerting users to any anomalies.
    For more information, users can simply scan the QR code of the official account to access comprehensive details about this state-of-the-art energy storage power station. With its advanced features and tailored design, the 2024 Plant Protection Special Model 13.4KWH Energy Storage Power Station is set to revolutionize energy storage in the plant protection industry.

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    Internal DC bus voltage

    DC 48V

    Internal battery pack rated capacity

    280 AH

    Rated energy


    Product internal battery pack structure

    15 strings

    Charging interface

    Mains AC charging AC220V / 50Hz (3000W Max)/AC charging pile charging 6000W Max

    Output interface: AC 225V*2 (50Hz) : 225V±5%VAC (2000 W Max)

    DC OUT 12S/14S/16S/18S

    USB*1:36W Max.

    Type-C*2 65W   Max.

    Safety guarantee:

    afe solid state battery

    Complete hardware protection function

    BMS intelligent cloud platform security warning


    LCD screen display

    Operating temperature:

    Charging: 0℃ ~50℃


    0℃ ~50℃

    Storage temperature:

    short-term: (1 month) -20℃ ~45℃


    (6 months) 0℃ ~35℃

    Total weight:

    approx. 130.5Kg

    Rated battery module voltage :

    DC 48V

    Battery module operating voltage range :


    Nominal capacity of battery module :


    Battery module nominal energy:


    Battery module Standard charge:




    Maximum discharge of battery module :


    Battery module internal cell structure:

    15 strings

    Working temperature: Charging :

    0℃ ~60℃/ Discharging :0℃ ~60℃

    Storage temperature:

    short-term (1 month) -20℃ ~60℃/ long-term :6 months) -10℃ ~35℃

    Cycle life :

    ≥2500 times (room temperature)

    Ac input voltage

    Input voltage:

    220 Vac / 50Hz

    Input voltage specification range:

    minimum: 180±5Vac/ Rated: 220Vac/ Maximum: 250±5Vac

    Ac input power

    Input voltage:

    220 Vac / 50Hz

    Input power specification range:


    Ac charging pile input power

    Input voltage:

    220 Vac / 50Hz

    Input power specification range: