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30L efficient agricultural UAV HV30

Introducing the HV30 2024, the latest innovation in agricultural drone technology. With a 30L load capacity for spraying and a 50L load capacity for spreading, this drone is designed to revolutionize agricultural operations. The newly designed centrifugal nozzle system ensures a spray width of 5-8 meters, covering a wide area with precision and efficiency.

    Product Introduction

    Equipped with a double centrifugal nozzle with a large flow rate, the HV30 2024 offers excellent atomization and strong penetration, making it ideal for penetrating fruit trees with high plant heights and thick canopies. Its ability to evenly cover the surface and back of leaves ensures thorough and effective application of agricultural inputs.
    The drone features intelligent flight capabilities, enabling autonomous operation across various terrains including terraces, mountains, hills, depressions, rivers, and plains. Its umbrella-shaped metal structure provides a wide stress area, preventing clogging and ensuring uniform distribution of inputs.
    The bottom spinning plate of the HV30 2024 is embedded with a metal wheel, enhancing its strength and resistance to pressure, making it more wear-resistant and durable. The simple and diverse control methods make it suitable for assisting operations in all agricultural scenarios, ultimately improving efficiency and productivity.
    With its advanced features and capabilities, the HV30 2024 agricultural drone offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing agricultural production. Whether it's spraying or spreading, this drone is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern agriculture, making it an indispensable tool for farmers and agricultural professionals.

    Product images

    30l-efficient agricultural-uav-hv30-1vft30l-efficient agricultural-uav-hv30-3klf


    Expansion size


    Diagonal wheelbase


    Product Weight


    Maximum takeoff weight


    Spray flow rate


    Spray wine centrifugal


    Operating temperature


    Battery capacity

    14S 30000mah

    Load time

    8 minutes

    Charging time


    Storage form

    the arm folds horizontally

    Number of rotors

    four rotors

    Folding size


    The capacity of the medicine box


    Maximum flight speed


    Effective spray width


    Effective control distance

    3km without blocking interference

    Operating voltage


    Battery weight


    No-load flight time


    Body material

    carbon fiber/aluminum alloy/engineering plastic

    Wind resistance level