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Science and technology is the first productive force, and its emergence makes the construction of power grids more intelligent and accurate

2024-06-22 13:44:19

In the "three-span" project site of 220 kV line from Jinting to Haikou, State Grid Lishui Power Supply Company applied centralized control intelligent visual stretch pay-off operation for the first time to reduce construction labor risks and improve safety management. On the basis of the traditional pay-off construction, the construction method adds the centralized control and visual intelligent monitoring of the stretching equipment, which can realize the operation of multiple devices by one person, and accurately observe the pay-off situation through the monitoring system, timely find the abnormal situation of the wiring operation, and improve the pay-off accuracy and operation response speed. The successful application of the equipment is a vivid epitome of the company's promotion of "team construction", the promotion of mechanization and intelligent construction, and the realization of leapfrog upgrading of the construction of power grid in mountainous areas enabled by science and technology. The next stage will speed up the application range of visual stretch pay-off, ensure full coverage of 110 kV and major cross-over wiring site of the line project, and ensure the safety and stability of the work site.


In Lishui Suichang Tangong 220 kV transmission and transformation project No. 49 tower material transport operation site, State Grid Lishui Power supply company used heavy-duty drones to enter the project entity for the first time in the province to promote and apply, lifting a total of 15.6 tons of materials to the site. The UAV involved in the operation is Taichang TCKJ-VH500 and Liante LTY-460, the two models in the early Songyang Three Gorges photovoltaic 110 kV sent out project, 1000 kV Jianglian II line maintenance operation has accumulated rich experience, through the lifting load, total weight per unit time transport, a single UAV energy time and other projects comparison, Confirm the application of UAV load technology optimization direction, steadily promote Lishui load UAV in complex terrain and landform, involving forestry protection, policy coordination difficulties and other scenarios, the original workload of the use of UAV transport only takes 2 hours to complete, greatly improve transportation efficiency.


In Lishui Longquan lithium iron phosphate energy storage demonstration project No. 6 pole tower erection work, State Grid Lishui Power supply company for the first time to apply intelligent motor winch traction device. The device installs a "multi-functional tension detection sensor" at the bottom of the pole, collects the inclination data and tension data of the main stress components in real time, and transmits them to the smart mobile terminal. When the inclination and tension data are close to the threshold, the mobile terminal will automatically warn, when the threshold is exceeded, the mechanical winching mill will automatically stop and lock, and the audible and visual alarm will be started to remind the field staff to deal with it, and the operation can continue after correction. The application of the intelligent device can realize the visualization and intelligence of tower construction control, and ensure that the whole process of tower erection is safe and controllable, in control and controllable.


In the Songyang 35 kV Yangma 3325 line No. 16 tower, the State Grid Songyang County Power Supply company for the first time applied the UAV hanging transmission anti-fall device, achieving a new breakthrough in the field of safety production. The operation uses drones to transport the tower protection bracket, security rope and other equipment to the top of the tower, and fixed installation through the gravity self-locking mechanism, the operator only needs to implement the anti-fall device on the ground, you can climb the tower operation. Compared with the traditional manual climbing the tower to replace the hook step by step, the working time is reduced by 65%, and the work intensity is significantly reduced, and the efficiency of climbing the tower and the safety factor of working at altitude are greatly improved.