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Scorpion 100KG heavy payload drone

Introducing the latest innovation in aerial transportation and logistics - the Eight-Axis Cargo Drone. This cutting-edge drone is designed to revolutionize the way goods are transported, offering unparalleled efficiency and reliability. With a wheelbase of 3060 mm and an eight-axis, eight-propeller model, this drone is built for maximum stability and maneuverability, ensuring smooth and safe transportation of cargo.

    Product Introduction

    One of the key features of the Eight-Axis Cargo Drone is its impressive load capacity of up to 100 kg, making it ideal for transporting a wide range of goods across various terrains. Whether it's delivering medical supplies to remote areas or transporting critical equipment to inaccessible locations, this drone is up to the task. 
    Equipped with a high-strength carbon fiber integrated molded body, the Eight-Axis Cargo Drone is not only lightweight but also incredibly durable, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of frequent use. This advanced construction also contributes to the drone's enhanced performance and longevity, making it a reliable and cost-effective solution for businesses and organization.
    In addition to its robust build, the drone boasts an impressive battery life, offering up to 60 minutes of operation without a load and 25 minutes with a full load. This extended battery life ensures that the drone can cover significant distances and complete multiple deliveries on a single charge, maximizing efficiency and productivity.
    Whether it's for commercial delivery services, emergency response operations, or industrial logistics, the Eight-Axis Cargo Drone is poised to redefine the way goods are transported. Its advanced capabilities, combined with its innovative design, make it a game-changer in the field of aerial transportation and logistics. Experience the future of cargo transportation with the Eight-Axis Cargo Drone - where efficiency meets reliability.

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    Flight control system

    Industry class flight control

    Symmetrical motor wheelbase


    Folding size


    Empty weight


    Maximum take-off weight


    Tank volume


    Protection class


    Flight parameter:

    Maximum thrust-to-weight ratio


    Hover accuracy

    (GNSS signal is good)

    Starting RTK

    horizontal ±10cm, vertical ±10cm

    Unactivated RTK

    horizontal ±0.6m, vertical ±0.3m

    Power battery

    aero engine +12s lithium battery

    Cruising speed


    Maximum flight speed


    Maximum flight altitude

    2000 meters

    Usage ceiling: Climb rate


    Sailing time

    > 3h (no load)

    Engine parameter:

    Engine type

    horizontally opposed twin cylinder water cooled

    Engine displacement


    Engine weight

    3.3kg (without accessories)

    Starting mode

    one-button start (remote start)

    Throttle control mode

    full power range automatic control

    Ignition mode

    12V CDI DC ignition

    Generator type

    three-phase permanent magnet generator

    Generator voltage


    Generator power

    ≤2.5KW(0 altitude)

    Sensing and Obstacle Avoidance system 


    Forward looking radar

    Type number


    Operating voltage


    Power rate



    millimeter wave

    Operating frequency


    Pitch beam width

    15°@6db (medium distance) /14°@6db (short distance)

    Azimuth beamwidth

    30°@6db (medium distance) /120°@6db (short distance)

    Distance accuracy


    Safe distance


    Obstacle avoidance direction

    in front of the drone

    Protection class


    Communication and operating systems

    Signal bandwidth


    Operating voltage


    Image transmission distance

     FCC20Km/CE/SRRC/MIC 12Km

    Image transmission delay

    minimum 110ms

    Image transmission pixels


    Transmission frequency

    2.4GHz ISM

    Acceptance sensitivity

    -99d Bm@20MHz B